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1 Easy setup in 3 minutes Setting up a masternode is easier than ever
2 Full automation of the process Your own masternode server will be deployed in just few clicks
3 High security mode Your coins remain in your wallet while the masternode brings you profit on our servers
4 Technical support Available 24/7
5 All statistics gathered in one place Monitor ROI & rewards in your profile
6 Failproof system Once deployed, you can be sure that your masternodes will be alright

How Much Will I Earn?

NODEX supports many types of masternodes. Choose the masternode you need, and calculate your profit with NODEX

estimated annual revenue: Check out how much you can earn with Nodex

Full automation, You will only have to count the profit

Forget about the problems with masternodes

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How it works

Setting up masternodes is easy when it is done by professionals. register

Main offers

To 10 nodes $5 per month
From 11 to 40 nodes $4.5 per month
41 and more $4 per month

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